Really Delicious Vegetarian Wedding Food

Many people these days decided to lead vegetarian lifestyle and even the groom and bride like consuming meat, they should have different vegetarian dishes for guests who do not eat meat. If the groom and bride are vegetarians, traditionally, they would like to plan their wedding menu accordingly. In any case there might come some vegetarian guests and you should provide some veggie dishes for them. Find some of the ideas on vegetarian wedding dishes that you can choose for your wedding.

Comfort and regional foods are popular wedding trends today. They can suit to all vegetarian guests. For Southern style wedding you can set up a grits station. Start with plain grits and prepare such editions as shrimps, bacon, cheese, butter and onions. It is a wonderful idea! You can include bacon and shrimps as well. The next idea is serving mashed potato featuring it with butter, cheese, sour cream or stewed broccoli.

Like each bride, no two weddings are the same. Every bride selects its own original wedding gown and the same is when it comes to wedding reception and wedding fourchette. If you want to make your wedding in entertaining style, the dishes should also be matching. You can prepare a pizza station for non-vegetarians. Start with unbaked small personality made pizzas dressed with sauce. The guests should choose themselves when it comes to toppings. They should have boundless possibilities in regard of this aspect. For instance, the guests might prefer pepperoni and sausage, cheese, fresh basil, peppers and onions, mushrooms, mozzarella etc. You should have a cook to put pizzas into the oven and bring them back out and hand out to guests.

Most vegetarians such as tofu and faux meat consumers may also come to your wedding and you should also consider this fact and provide some wedding reception options for them also. You can select curry dish or tofu stir and this will be an excellent option for the guests. If you arrange your wedding in winter time, you can provide vegetarian food with chili with meat substitutes. It is an excellent idea to prepare a taco station at the cocktail hour, including fake cooked meat with taco topping for the guests. A mini-taco bar might not sound sophisticated, but it is very popular especially among ladies.

Pasta is always a great idea for vegetarian guests and there are lots of delicious varieties. In autumn, such dishes as ravioli would also be suitable for the wedding reception. There are cheese filled specialities such as stuffed shells or manicotti. If you wedding is going to be in summer, make sure that there are fresh salads sprayed with olive oil. Use forest mushrooms when cooking risotto and pasta. They will be mixed well with goat cheese and arugula to make a nice tart and a large plate with grilled mushrooms in a special tasty sauce. With such a great range of dishes there would be no reason why your vegetarian wedding guests should feel themselves as second-class citizens.

If you are a vegetarian, then you know how difficult it is sometimes to get vegetarian food. However, the web network offers lots of healthy vegetarian food recipes but, and this is very convenient, one can take advantage of such an option as vegetarian food online shopping.

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